Pro-Active Vision 

At Pro-Active we are passionate about creating a positive PE experience for every child we work with. Through positive experiences we hope to imbed a life long and sustainable enjoyment and involvement in PE and Sport.


Childhood Obesity is a serious twenty-first century problem, not only for the UK but much of the western world.  Today 1/3 of children aged 2 to 15 years are overweight or obese. There are clear links between this and mental health issues. We are committed to playing an active role in tackling this problem, using the passion and experience of our team to inspire those we engage with. 


We educate a wide range of children and young people, from the four year olds beginning their education journey in foundation classes to those aged 16 and beyond, who join our Apprenticeship Scheme and develop their skills working for us. 


Pro-Active Values 

Every child deserves to be included and treated equally. We embrace diversity.


We understand that all children are different and we are able to adapt our methods to ensure each child is able to reach their potential. 




We're very proud of the positive impact we have on those we engage with. We inspire many to go on and lead active lifestyles in the future.

Passion for future involvement 

We pride ourselves on developing children as a whole. Improving cognition, problem solving and social aspects in addition to physical literacy.